About Us

The Idea

Cedrus Therapeutics is a young European enterprise. Founded in 2009, we have organized it as a network with the goal of developing a new form of medicine – above all, for neurodegenerative, inflammatory and oncological diseases – in close collaboration with the world’s best stem-cell research institutions and a select group of outstanding medical scientists. It is crucial that the human body has the strength to restructure itself when disease occurs. Our knowledge, our innovative technology and our steadily increasing understanding of stem cell functions are enabling us to stimulate and control the body’s self-healing abilities in precise and targeted ways. Cells then function as processors containing everything the patient requires for regeneration. Our research and its results are aimed solely at achieving a lasting improvement in the therapeutic effects of medicines.

New Perspective on Disease

Good health and disease are not human states, but represent transitions in a balanced, living and permanently developing organic system. Cedrus Therapeutics has set itself the task of intervening in this process to change the course of the disease, either by enabling the body to move into a new equilibrium or by working to delay the manifestation of the disease. The starting point for our understanding of disease is the continuous process of development through which humans pass. This follows precisely definable patterns which serve as measures for testing the effectiveness of medicines. Notwithstanding the fact that some illnesses are triggered by monocausal genetic changes, we approach a disease as a holistic phenomenon. It is frequently influenced by more than one gene, by the environment in which people live and work, by their eating habits, by experiences in very different phases of life. Our diagnostic and therapeutic interventions are organized in accordance with this complexity. At the research stage we manipulate stem cells in vitro and in vivo; therapeutically, we influence them exclusively in vivo, in their living context. This guarantees that cells themselves carry out the healing process without major disorders or side-effects. Our medicine controls the fortune of cells, adjusts their growth and encourages them to fall back into a “healthy pattern.” If life involves constant regeneration, then it must also involve constant opportunities to influence the onset and course of a disease. “Cells are cognitive entities. It is difficult to overestimate the sensory input,” says genetic researcher James Shapiro.

The Strategy

Cedrus Therapeutics seeks partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry. We are researching the effect of special therapies that are aimed at groups of cells and influence the body so that it can regenerate itself. Unlike many businesses and scientific institutions that are advancing personalized medicine in the search and treatment of specific genetic defects, Cedrus Therapeutics uses the biological functions of the body, the manifestations of neurodegenerative, neuroinflammatory or oncological diseases, as the basis for the development of its products. That enables us to find and administer the right medication for the right patient at the right time. Effective therapies of this kind will be essential for tomorrow’s medicine – for economic reasons alone. We are pursuing three paths in this disease-oriented approach. We are developing new medications, combining active ingredients and improving available substances. The goal is to supply the pharmaceutical industry with new products (candidate drugs), to open up new markets and significantly expand existing markets.

The Business Model

Cedrus Therapeutics is not a fully integrated pharmaceutical company. From the very outset, our research and the development of medications has been oriented towards strategic partnerships with large companies in the pharmaceutical industry or the biotech sector. We license candidate drugs and their biological blueprint and ensure that we have a significant stake in their further development, production and marketing. We have created the legal prerequisites for this. Organizationally, we see ourselves as a highly efficient network of project companies directly linked to research institutions. We secured our intellectual property rights to the research knowledge with which we work at an early stage. We measure our business strategy against the same high quality standards that we apply to our research and products. Cedrus Therapeutics does not only uphold ethical and legal standards, but also strives to lay down corresponding rules where they do not yet exist.

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